Make Your Page Great

Do you want to make your fundraising page or your nonprofit’s profile page the best it can be?

If you're trying to raise funds for your cause, you probably know that facts and figures alone generally aren’t enough to inspire people to give.

To inspire real generosity, you need to show your supporters the impact of their donations and help them feel connected to that impact.

Here are 5 top hints and suggestions:

  1. Get personal. Answer the question: What inspires you about the cause and nonprofit organization? Make your appeal and story personal and highlight your motivations for asking for funds. Whatever motivates you to raise funds, share your story. Your passion for the cause will inspire donors to contribute, too.
  2. Start small. To inspire your supporters, find one success story that your nonprofit has achieved to share with your supporters as an example of their efforts and impact. By giving them a small taste of what your nonprofit’s work can do, they'll see the value in contributing to your cause.
  3. Be visual. Nothing helps more than a vivid photograph or a compelling video about your cause, featuring interviews and insights about the impact that a donor will have.
  4. Show specifics. Mightycause's pages allow you to show exactly how a $10, $20, or $100 contribution will be used. Use this feature to describe how giving more will result in more or better impact.
  5. Encourage your followers. Update your page with the latest news to motivate their efforts. Encourage them to share and promote the page on your behalf.