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Congratulations to MinnPost!

the Winner of Razoo's 2010 March Goodness Tournament.

Congratulations to CHOSA for winning the inaugural RazooNIT Tournament!

March Goodness

Razoo is hosting our annual March Goodness Tournament where a select group of 96 nonprofits compete for grants based on fundraising through the Razoo giving network. 64 nonprofits are competing in our at-large competition "The Big Dance" in 4 regions; 32 small nonprofits are going head-to-head in "The RazooNIT".

How the Competition Works

Participating nonprofit organizations will be soliciting as many unique donors as possible through their March Goodness Project Pages linked through this site (click map above). We will track the number of donors and donations and post results live on the leader boards linked above. A visitor must make a donation (minimum $10) through the designated March Goodness Project Page (labeled MG2010) in order for it to count. Nonprofits will be ranked by unique donors to their official March Goodness Project Page for the first round.

For the Final Four portion of the Big Dance, the four regional winners will compete in the second round and will be ranked by total dollars raised during the Final Four eligibility period.

The RazooNIT is a one-round competition; the 32 competing nonprofits will be ranked by unique donors only.

Key Dates

  • March 15 – 30: Big Dance Regional Tournaments and RazooNIT
  • April 2 – 6: Big Dance Final Four

For full details, download our March Goodness fact sheet

If you have questions or want to know more, please email us, read our blog or follow us on Twitter.


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April 2 - 6:
The Final Four

Click here to see who's in the lead for the $10,000 grand prize.

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