Giving Cards

Matching Grants

  • Increase the impact of donations
  • Excite donors to give now
  • Publicly recognize your Grantor

How Can This Help Me?

Boost your fundraising efforts by promoting your matching grant on Razoo. When you secure a matching grant from a major donor, people are more likely to give to your cause knowing their donation will have twice the impact. A matching grant also gives you the opportunity to recognize your grantor for their generosity.

How Does It Work?

You secure the donation from a major donor, corporate sponsor, or any other fan, and then use Razoo’s tools to promote the matching grant to your donors. When the grant amount or end date has been reached, the grantor will receive an email with the amount they need to match.

How Do I Promote My Matching Grant?

  1. Secure a matching grant from a major donor
  2. After logging in to your account on Razoo, go to your nonprofit or fundraising page, and click the “Matching Grant” tab on your admin tool bar.
  3. Fill in the Grantor’s name and email, and dates they’ll match donations.
  4. Update your pages to include the matching grant.
  5. Email your supporters to let them know about the matching grant opportunity.
  6. Once complete, the Grantor will receive an email with how much they owe.

How Big Cat Rescue Used a Matching Grant

A great example of a nonprofit that successfully used a matching grant to leverage donations is Big Cat Rescue. Located in Tampa, Florida, Big Cat Rescue secured a matching grant from the family of William and Lois Modglin. Big Cat Rescue promoted the matching grant on their Razoo fundraising page and raised $218,489! Donors just loved knowing that could double every dollar they donated.