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Rank Name Donors
1st 236
($8,235 )
2nd The Syracuse Center for Peace and Social Justice Inc 212
($2,729 )
3rd House of Blue Hope Foundation, Inc. 84
($1,870 )
4th Community Partnership School 76
($2,205 )
5th Boston Debate League 53
($1,816 )
6th United For DC Inc 26
($831 )
7th Pencils of Promise 15
($150 )
8th PeacePlayers International 14
($418 )
9th Bottom Line Inc 13
($385 )
10th Active Compassion Transforms, Inc. 7
($1,342 )
11th Sports Humanitarian Group, Inc. dba Right To Play 7
($120 )
12th 5
($146 )
13th Ohio University Foundation 2
($20 )
14th, Inc. 2
($20 )
15th Pennsylvania Breast Cancer Coalition 2
($35 )
16th Konbit Pou Ayiti 1
($10 )

Active Compassion Transforms (New York, NY)

Partnering purpose with transformational travel, interACT is an innovative cross-cultural e-mentoring program connecting caring New Yorkers with 12th graders living in the Cape Flats of South Africa to inspire and empower them to live productive lives that impact their community.

Boston Debate League (Boston, MA)

Our mission is to expand to offer academic debate to every high school student in the Boston Public Schools. Debate is a proven technology to improve students' literacy skills, attendance, likelihood to graduate from high school and college, and has been demonstrated by peer-reviewed studies to lower the academic achievement gap in our schools.

Bottom Line (Jamaica Plain, MA)

Bottom Line helps disadvantaged students get in to college, graduate from college, and go far in life. We accomplish this mission by providing low-income and first-generation-to-college students with one-on-one guidance from college applications to college graduation.

Community Partnership School (Philadelphia, PA)

CPS was created to address one of society’s most pressing and severe inequities: the achievement gap between children from low-income, low-wealth neighborhoods and children from more affluent areas. CPS believes that all children, no matter their social/economic circumstances or their zip code, deserve an excellent education that will prepare them for lifelong success. (Bethesda, MD) is a faith-based non-profit dedicated to empowering the working poor in the developing world to lift themselves out of poverty. We provide small loans, business training and community development programs through a network of locally-led organizations in twelve countries to equip poor families to improve their lives. (Ithaca, NY) has years of experience facilitating and generating new curriculum in science, engineering, and technology for thousands of teachers. We are a well-built, efficient network for communicating the best ideas in energy education. (New York, NY)

At we believe that the best forms of social innovation come from the ground level--from the individuals and organizations embedded within communities. The mission of our organization is to build capacity for these grassroots nonprofits by providing them with state of the art business and technology services for free.

House of Blue Hope Foundation (Bayonne, NJ)

House of Blue Hope has pulled dozens of kids off the streets and put them in to a safe living and learning environment. With access to one of the top schools in Tanzania, the current and future residents of the House of Blue Hope will be provided with top-notch educational opportunities in a country in which only about 12% of the population receives a secondary education.

Konbit Pou Ayiti (Gloucester, MA)

Konbit Pou Ayiti (KONPAY) embraces Haitian solutions to Haiti's problems by ushering voices from every sector to the discussion table and committing to the plan our Haitian partners present. Immediately after the earthquake in January, we developed the Haiti Response Coalition, a network of over 25 NGOs working in Haiti before the earthquake, to ensure that aid was being delivered to the communities in which we work.

Ohio University Foundation (Athens, OH)

Ohio University was the first university in the Northwest Territory, and we're working hard to maintain our legacy as trailblazers. We're a four-year public institution based in Athens, Ohio.

PeacePlayers International (Washington, DC)

Founded in 2001, PeacePlayers International uses the game of basketball to unite and educate young people in historically divided communities. Founded on the premise that children who play together can learn how to live together, PPI operates basketball leagues in the Middle East, Northern Ireland, South Africa, and Cyprus that integrate children from opposite sides of deep ethnic, religious or cultural divides to build mutual respect and understanding.

Pencils of Promise (Old Greenwich, CT)

At Pencils of Promise, we believe that education is a basic human right. We are a passionate community of individuals collectively creating a nonprofit that empowers each person regardless of status or position to make a positive impact on the world. Together, we build sustainable schools, partnerships and solutions to enable basic education for underserved children in the developing world.

Pennsylvania Breast Cancer Coalition (Ephrata, PA)

The PA Breast Cancer Coalition represents, supports, and serves breast cancer survivors and their families in PA through educational programming, legislative advocacy and breast cancer research grants. The PBCC creates the hope of a brighter tomorrow by providing action and information to women with breast cancer today.

Right to Play (New York, NY)

Right To Play is committed to every child’s right to play. We give children a chance to become constructive participants in society, regardless of gender, disability, ethnicity, social background or religion. Through games and sports, we help create social change in communities affected by war, poverty and disease.

Syracuse Center for Peace and Social Justice (Syracuse, NY)

The Syracuse Center for Peace and Social Justice facilitates collaboration among groups working for peace and social justice. Among our capacity-building services, we provide rental space for offices, meetings and community events.

United for DC (Washington, DC)

United for D.C. is the charitable arm of MLS club DC United. Currently it is the only sport-based community program associated with a professional team that offers direct programming to provide opportunities to learn and compete in its designated sport.

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