Ten Things to Look for in a Fundraising Platform

Let Us Show You Why Razoo Stands out

  • What do they charge?

    Other platforms may charge you for not hitting your goals or charge a setup fee to start fundraising with them. Razoo keeps things simple. On our free pricing plan, it's just a 4% platform fee plus 2.9% and $0.30 processing fee on each donation. Ready to ditch the platform fee? We also offer Premium subscription plans - the best value in the market for the best fundraising tools available.

  • Do they issue tax-deductible receipts?

    Many platforms leave tax receipts up to you, increasing your workload and forcing donors to wait for their tax receipts. On Razoo, we work with Razoo Foundation to issue tax receipts immediately after donors check out. Donors also have year-round access to receipts through their user accounts and yearly statements before tax season. And if a donor loses their receipt? No problem! You can reissue their receipt with the click of a button through your nonprofit’s page. With a Premium subscription, you can also customize the receipts your donors receive!

  • Do they offer in-house email AND phone support?

    We know from the number of calls we get from other platforms’ customers that phone support is not offered by all platforms. We have a small but mighty team of friendly, experienced customer service professionals. We never outsource our customer support. When you contact Razoo support, you’ll be working directly with people who have extensive experience working with the Razoo platform and can easily resolve any questions you have.

  • Can I collect donations directly from my own website?

    Instead of insisting that you drive your donors away from your site and onto ours, we’ve created multiple user-friendly ways for supporters to securely donate through your website. You can embed our donation widget at no cost, or with a Premium subscription, use our custom donation pages for a seamless donation experience that matches your branding.

  • Can I set up team and peer-to-peer fundraisers?

    Teamwork makes the dream work on Razoo! We offer powerful, customizable team fundraising for nonprofits, schools, sports teams, workplaces, and more. You can fundraise for a single cause or multiple causes. You can even start teams for personal causes. We offer unlimited peer-to-peer fundraisers at no extra charge so you can get your supporters involved in fundraising for your cause!

  • Can I track donations and download reports?

    Razoo offers detailed donation reports that can easily be exported and uploaded to your donor database. With a Premium subscription, you gain access to donor management and CRM tools, as well as integration with tools like Salesforce through Data Connect.

  • Can I customize my page to match my nonprofit's branding?

    You have lots of control over the look of your page! You can upload a logo, custom background image, connect your social media accounts and galleries, embed videos, and set your page to match your brand’s colors. With a Premium subscription, you can also ensure your donation receipts are branded to represent your nonprofit (without the hassle of sending them yourself).

  • Can donors give using their mobile phone?

    Razoo is mobile-responsive, so donors can donate with their smartphones and tablets just as easily as they can with a desktop computer.

  • Do they offer live, on-page editing?

    Other platforms force your nonprofit to piece together your fundraising page from another page, which makes editing your page difficult. But on Razoo, you can see your page come together as you customize it. We offer live, on-page editing so you can easily customize your nonprofit’s Razoo page and fundraisers.

  • Do they limit the number of peer-to-peer fundraisers or teams? Do they place a limit on the amount of donors you can track?

    Other platforms limit the number of fundraisers you can create without paying for it. At Razoo, the limit does not exist. You can create as many connected teams and peer-to-peer campaigns as you’d like, at no additional cost.

We’ve done the research on other platforms for you. Razoo offers the most cost-effective, powerful nonprofit fundraising tools on the market. We offer flexible pricing to suit nonprofits of all sizes and budgets, and our tools are designed to be intuitive and user-friendy.

Legal terms can be complicated so we’ve tried to make it simple. But if you have more questions or want to dig deeper, head over to our detailed terms of use: www.razoo.com/terms.

Thanks again for using Razoo!

The Razoo Team