What is a Tip?

Upon making a donation to a favorite cause, we provide donors with an opportunity to add a small contribution to their donation. If you’ve had a great experience and would like to support our ongoing efforts, consider adding a tax-deductible tip to your donation.

Who Benefits from a Tip?

These tips, which can be any amount you wish, help us to make your giving and fundraising experience the best possible. The funds support our efforts to develop innovative products, help nonprofit organizations and schools with great, easy-to-use features, and keep our platform a cost-effective solution for all.

Ultimately, your tip helps us to help the charities you support!

Is Tipping Required?

Not at all! Tipping is completely optional, and we are committed to providing a high level of service to donors, nonprofits, and schools, regardless of the tip amount.

Big Cat Rescue, 2009 Champion of Razoo's annual March Goodness competition.