Razoo Brand Survey

Welcome to Razoo's brand survey page. This page was specifically designed as a resource for planning your giving day. We've broken it into two parts to serve different functions.

Part I of this survey gathers information about your organization's brand and social marketing. We'll be using your input to inform the strategy for your giving day.

Part II is specifically focussed on your Giving Day Page 'look and feel.' We'll be using the information gathered here to discuss in the upcoming phone call with the designer.

Part I: Your Organization

Answer the questions as best you can.
If you don't have what we're asking for, it's okay to leave answers blank.

  • Please enter your organization’s external website URL.

  • Please enter your organization’s Facebook URL and Twitter URL.

    Facebook URL:

    Twitter URL:

  • Will you be creating a different Facebook and Twitter account specifically for this giving day event?


    Enter in your new Facebook account URL:


    Enter in your new Twitter account URL:

  • Does your organization have a blog or other published online resources?
    Enter the URL

  • What is your organization’s mission?

Part II: Your Giving Day Brand.

These questions were designed to help kick off a discussion about the overall look & and feel of your new giving day. Answer the questions as best you can. There are no wrong answers.

  • What is the name of your giving day?

  • In 3-5 adjectives, how would you describe the “brand” of your giving day?


    "Relevent, Comfortable, Clean, Practical, Trustworthy"

  • Describe your ideal donor.


    "Our typical donor is a 45 year old mother of two, who has her own shop on Etsy, likes organic products, and goes to starbucks twice a week. She is passionate about animal and education related causes."

  • Order the demographic groups that are most important to your giving day. (Drag & Drop)


    Although a good visual design should appeal to people of all ages, prioritizing segments of your audience provides focus for the design process.

  • Order the visual treatments that appeal most to your audience.(Drag & Drop)


    Try to put yourself in your audience's shoes. What visual elements do you think they would respond to?

  • Order the fonts by what most closley expresses the 'attitude' of your brand.(Drag & Drop)


    Fonts are often considered to have a musical quality similar to that of a person's voice. It is sometimes helpful to imagine the attitude and tone that each font elicits.

  • What attributes of your region would you like to be prominent in the giving day design (nature, culture, education etc.)?

  • List 1-3 examples websites and let us know what you like about the design.(Optional)

  • List 1-3 examples websites and let us know what you dislike about the design.(Optional)

  • Do you have any other ideas you would like to see reflected in the giving event design? (Optional)

  • Do you have any connections to creative professionals with in your organization's network? Check all that apply.

    Graphic Designer
    Ad Agency
    Marketing Firm
    Copy Writer

Your answers will be sent to Razoo.

Thank you for participating in this exercise.
The answers you provided will be discussed in the upcoming design meeting.