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8.26.22 @ 6pm, Union Station will illuminate in orange to shine a light on Autoinflammatory Diseases


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**NEW** This year we will be setting up across the street on the North Lawn of the WW1 Museum. Look for Betty Rae's Ice Cream Truck!

The Autoinflammatory Alliance declared August to be Autoinflammatory Awareness Month in 2015. This is the month that autoinflammatory organizations and patients around the world can work together to fundraise for research and education and bring more awareness to these very rare diseases

This is Kansas City's 3rd year to be among a select few locations across the world to host a lighting ceremony in support of International Autoinflammatory Awareness Month.

Union Station illuminated in orange on behalf of our daughter, Charleston Grace (“Charley”) and all those suffering from these rare diseases. We hope to continue this event for years to come in an effort to raise more awareness, support and hope for those who suffer from autoinflammatory diseases.

The path to diagnosis, treatment and disease management can be agonizing and painful. Often times scary. If we can help prevent one family from having to suffer such an enduring process, this awareness effort will be a success. It is our hope that one day, people around the world will not only recognize the term “Autoinflammatory” but UNDERSTAND it 🧡🧡🧡

Why August? August is generally the hottest month for many regions in the Northern Hemisphere. So it seems a perfect month to raise awareness about these syndromes that cause intense systemic inflammation and for many very high fevers that may rival the high temperatures in your area. Disease awareness months lead to an increase in patients getting a proper diagnosis and treatment, help raise funds for research, and offer support and community for patients. We want International Autoinflammatory Awareness Month to be all of these things, but we need your help.

Please help us to ✨Shine a Light ✨on Autoinflammatory Diseases” this year!

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Autoinflammatory Alliance Inc

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