2018 Holiday Lunch Campaign

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A nonprofit fundraiser supporting

3 Mariposas Montessori Foundation Inc
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Your donations provide the healthy lunch children need to learn and grow.


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$25,000 goal


Breaking the Cycle of Poverty, One Child, One Meal, at a Time


Nutritious meals are vital to the developing minds and bodies of our young students. Children simply cannot learn and grow without the fuel of healthy food.


3MM’s Free Lunch Program was started to provide at least one healthy meal for children who otherwise might not eat at all. 


We are ALL so grateful! Your donations are the reason we can serve all our students nutritious lunches every single school day. Because of you we educate and help establish healthy habits for a lifetime.


We serve 300 lunches and over 400 healthy snacks every week!


3MM serves morning snacks, lunch, and afternoon snacks to 45 students. We also provide lunch for all of our employees.  That means that Yoelis, our school cook, prepares food for 60 people each day from her tiny kitchen!  

She is brimming with pride about completing a cooking course to learn about new practices for public kitchens.  She has also perfected portion control so we’ve eliminated unnecessary food waste.


Healthy nutrition is our priority


When you think about school lunches, you may have visions of cafeteria trays laden with unhealthy pizza, hot dogs, and pudding. Well, at 3 Mariposas Montessori our snacks and lunches couldn’t be farther from those images!  


For some of our students, the meals they have at school are the only food they eat all day, so we strive to provide the healthiest possible options to each child, every school day.

Our beautiful island home provides us with a large variety of fresh, and oftentimes, organic produce and fruit. Chicken or pork stews with vegetables, lentils, or black beans; brown rice with avocado, baked fish with broccoli and carrots are typical examples of our wholesome dishes. 


Each dish is accompanied by a fresh mixed salad. Fresh tropical fruits, yogurt, homemade granola, eggs, etc are typical snacks.

Student Involvement = Lifelong Lessons


In true Montessori tradition, our students are involved in every step of the process. Learning about nutrition and helping to prepare the meal helps to establish lifelong healthy eating habits.  

The children learn to peel, cut vegetables and fruit, and make muffins and whole wheat bread. They help tend our new vegetable garden, prepare lunch tables, and even help in washing their own dishes and cloth napkins.


In an impoverished community like ours, we can’t think of better gifts to share with our children than education and good nutrition!  


Your donations are helping us create the perfect foundation to create a brighter and healthier future for our students! Thank you!

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