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Ore-Cal RC&D's mission is to increase the vitality of our natural resource-based communities.


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Ore-Cal Resource Conservation and Development area Council is sometimes referred to as, "a vehicle for the rural communities bringing forth their needs and helping them to be developed into shovel-ready projects".

Ore-Cal RC&D is a convener, a collaborator, a partner, and a part of the community in our five counties, two states congressionally designated area. We cover Siskiyou, Western Shasta, and Western Modoc Counties in California, Klamath and Lake Counties in Oregon.

Some of our current projects include:

* The YCC program at Goosenest Ranger District, where the kids worked this summer with habitat and native seed restoration, and noxious weed removal on the Modoc Nation Ranch in Siskiyou County, among dozens of other activities.

*Through the establishment of the Dorris Community Garden, the City of Dorris will be able to grow economically by providing a self-sustaining environment for community members. The Community Garden in Dorris started off as an idea that slowly progressed into a goal that would not only benefit all diverse groups within the community, but would create a welcoming environment for the lower and middle class families in Dorris.

* Grass Lake Wildlife crossing on Hwy 97 and I5 from Yreka to the Oregon border.

* Miller Mountain fuels project near the Grass Lake Wildlife crossing.

* Completion of the Rd 31 Fuel Break below the Ski Park.

* Implementation of the Outsen Rd. Fuel break.

* Development of the MacDoel Wayside Rest Area.

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