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Welcome to the Dominica School and Orphanage "School House Expansion Project!"

..... in an effort to provide opportunity to every child at the Dominica School and Orpahange..... Dominica's vision is to provide each child with a complete and quality education to give them the tools and empower them to strive for a better future for themselves and to transform their community.

The DSO is in need of an expansion to be able to allow the children to continue through a full high school education.  Due to an influx of children Dominica has taken on in the past few years, the small school rooms are no longer large enough to accommodate the class sizes.  Often 30+ children are squeezed into a small room, and they have run out of space to expand to a full high school.  

A full high school requires  proper space for science labs necessary to ensure a high quality of education and success for children aspiring to continue to a university education that will allow them to better their lives and contribute to the community.

Dominica recently identified an opportunity to add a third floor including three large classrooms to the existing school to expand her service to include a full high school education for the deserving children learning at the DSO.

Please consider helping us raise $41,000 by June 2020 for construction of a new classrooms!     Let's keep the children of La Urena in the educational program that will give them the empowered educational opportunity to build a better life.

Much Thanks and Gratitude for all your loving help!

- Steve

PS.  Also see our "Dominica Orpahange College Fund" program

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