30 Mile Ruck for Veterans

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A nonprofit fundraiser supporting

FitOps Foundation

30 Mile Ruck March


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$2,000 goal

22 veterans take their lives every day in the United States. That’s over 8,000 lives every year that could make an impact, leave a legacy in the world. That’s 8,000 sons, daughters, fathers, mothers, brothers, sisters.

FitOps is an organization whose sole mission is to bring that 22 number down to 0 where it belongs. The goal is to give veterans a sense of purpose, camaraderie, and selfless service through excellence in fitness. Veterans, when they separate from their service, struggle with reintegration into the civilian population in many ways. One of the main struggles is finding that sense of purpose again, that selfless service before self, or that feeling of camaraderie and family that they might have experienced and felt in the military. FitOps opens the door for this to be a veteran’s reality again by teaching them the business behind being a personal trainer while also giving them a space to train with other veterans. FitOps Camp is a 3 week camp where veterans are trained to become CVFO’s (Certified Veteran Fitness Operative) and time go out into the world of fitness and nutrition to be elite personal trainers. Every dollar donated to the cause is used to transport veterans to the camp, feed them, house them, and show them their worth. Every dollar donated is an investment into a veteran’s life.

This fundraiser is a 30 mile ruck from the square in downtown Bentonville, AR to the square in downtown Fayetteville, AR. This ruck will take place Saturday, September 5, 2020 and will also be held in observance and respect of the 9/11 attacks of 2001. The ruck will begin at 0500 hours at the square of downtown Bentonville. Any and all donations will go directly to the FitOps Foundation to further their mission of saving veteran’s lives.

This fundraiser supports

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FitOps Foundation

Organized By John-Paul White

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