Precious Puppies Are In Desperate Need of Help

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Homeward Trails Animal Rescue Incorporated
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Four babies desperately need Homeward Trails' help!


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Our hearts are breaking for these for precious puppies. At only 9 weeks old, these four aussie/shepherd puppies were surrendered to a rural shelter. This little boy and three girls were a result of an unexpected, and unwanted litter. The mama's owners did not get her spayed and they were unable to care for them so these tiny puppies are now living in a scary shelter. A shelter that isn't safe for such young immune systems. Puppies need a lot of care and socialization, but for now, the puppies are locked in a cage until a safe foster is able to take them in. Homeward Trails can't wait another day to get these pups to safety, but first, their rescue has to be fully funded. Without your donations, one or more puppies may be left behind. These babies have been through enough, and they deserve to have a second chance at a long and happy life. Please sponsor these cuties so they can forget the sadness and loneliness of a life in a shelter and can thrive in the love and care of a new home!

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