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We are still recovering from the effects of COVID-19. We need funds to restore and rebuild.


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Alliance for Musical Arts, Est. 1993, is a 501C3 non-profit organization based in Miami that is dedicated to bringing the transformative power of music and theatre arts to individuals of all ages and backgrounds. Our programs and initiatives strive to foster intellectual, emotional, and social development skills while celebrating cultural diversity in a nurturing environment. Our organization focuses on addressing the critical needs identified by residents from low-income households, using music to improve community equity and access to the arts. Using music as a platform, Alliance for Musical Arts seeks to cultivate a sense of unity and belonging within the communities we serve. Our commitment to inclusivity and equal access is rooted in the belief that everyone, regardless of their economic status or background, should have the opportunity to experience and engage with the arts. In a society where access to cultural opportunities is often limited by economic barriers, Alliance for Musical Arts strive to go beyond simply removing these barriers. We actively work to increase access for diverse groups, ensuring intergenerational equity and celebrating the rich tapestry of our community. Our approach is inspired by the growing interest in arts organizations becoming more inclusive. This movement stresses the importance of equal access to cultural opportunities for all people, regardless of their background.

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