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A Night Under the Stars: The Shelter Slumber Pawty

April 6th, upon a moonlit evening in Lake Jackson, Texas, the SPCA of Brazoria County will be abuzz with anticipation. The annual Shelter Slumber Pawty is about to commence—a magical event where compassion, camaraderie, and a shared love for animals converge.

The board members, a diverse group of passionate souls, will gather at the shelter. Each will carry their own reasons for being there. Michelle Percle, the weekly pet adoption advocate, cradles memories of mending broken hearts. Melissa Udayan, our treasurer and cat lover, is ready to rally support. And then there is Renee Rape, our secretary, the first one to send needed supplies to the shelter, never tiring in her support when it comes to the animals. There is John Taylor, who loves to walk dogs and spend time with them and has joined the board to be able to provide needed support. We have Rachel, our dear cat foster and legal support, and Barry who was led to us by a dear friend. Last our sgroogy scatcher Beate Damm who was sentenced last year but fiends herself still struggling to “pet them all”.


From last years’ experience we know that as the sun dips below the horizon, the shelter transforms. Fairy lights adorned kennels, casting a warm glow on the hopeful faces of dogs and cats. The scent of sizzling hot dogs wafted through the air, drawing in curious noses. And there, in the center of it all, stood the grand banner: “Slumber Pawty: Where Dreams Come True.”

The night unfolded with laughter and purpose. Attendees donned matching pajamas—striped onesies, fluffy slippers, and oversized sleep masks, brought their guitars, as well as oversized sleeping chairs. They mingled with guests, sharing stories of rescued pets and the tireless efforts behind the scenes. Children clung to their legs, wide-eyed and eager to meet the furry residents.

We all shared anecdotes of past success stories—the once-abandoned puppy now thriving in a loving home, the elderly cat adopted by a retiree seeking companionship. We were thrilled as we all knew, “Every dollar brings us closer to that empty kennel.”

As midnight approached, the group gathered around a crackling bonfire-or was it a crackling music box?. They shared dreams—the dream of a world where no pet felt abandoned, where every wagging tail found a forever home. They raised their cups of cocoa or was it an adult beverage, toasting to resilience, compassion, and the promise of a brighter future.

And so, under a star-studded sky, the SPCA of Brazoria County danced with purpose. The shelter slumber pawty wasn’t just about cozy blankets and bedtime stories; it was about kindling hope. As the embers glowed, they whispered to the animals: “You are loved. You matter.”

And so, dear reader, if you ever find yourself in Lake Jackson, visit the shelter. Listen to the echoes of that magical night. You’ll hear the laughter of shelter staff and guests, the purrs of contented cats, and the promise of a world where every paw finds its place. 

Even better signup for the April 6th event and experience it yourself!

For the SPCA of Brazoria County Board Members, the shelter slumber pawty isn’t just an event—it is a lullaby sung to the hearts of animals waiting for their happily-ever-afters.

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