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For every hatemonger coming to a rally in the Bay Area - send $$ to INSERT YOUR CHARITY


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$2,500 goal

Anti-hate groups throughout the world have used this method to fight hate. For every attendee at a hate-rally in the Bay Area, we want you to commit to funding some money - 10 cents, $1, etc, per attendee. That means they will be funding groups like the Southern Poverty Law Center, Human Rights Campaign, the NAACP, International Rescue Committee and more! We hope to have banners at their events thanking them for raising so much money for social and racial justice!

There were just 500 white supremacists in Charlottesville. Thru funding raising in this way, Beloved Community CVille ( raised $67,000 for local anti-hate groups, including housing, African American heritage, and the International Rescue Committee. We are seeking to do something similar, splitting donations between an array of local and international groups committed to loving community and against hate. 

Please commit to funding anti-hate by funding INSERT YOUR CHARITY

Either donate now through a lump sum donation, or commit in the comments to donate $0.10, $.25 or $1 per hatemonger attending a rally. We will report the number of attendees according to authorities and observers, and we ask that you donate prompty once we announce the totals. For example if there are 500 White Supremecists attending a rally, and you pledges $.25 each, that's a donation of $125. $.05 each would be $12.50. Any amount, large or small, makes a difference and is a statement against hate.

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