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David Scott

The Oilet is a practical, affordable, and above all, a sanitary substitute for the flush toilet.


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The Oilet, the story so far...

Thank you for your interest in this campaign, I will strive to reward your interest. I have a background in science and a track record of developing my own experiments and scientific equipment. I am currently living in Poland with my family and restoring an old sailing boat. I teach English and proofread scientific papers for a living.

This campaign aims to address the growing water crisis which is currently affecting large areas of the world. We can all agree that practical, sanitary toilets are extremely important for human health, dignity and peace of mind. Sadly, the traditional flush toilet is an unobtainable luxury in many parts of the world.

The Oilet is designed to be a simple, practical, affordable, and above all, a sanitary substitute for the traditional flush toilet. The simple mechanism of the Oilet is described in our promotional video (skip to 3:15 for the short version!). It only requires a bucket full of waste water and a small bottle full of used cooking oil to function.

In short, liquid waste is diverted and may be used to irrigate crops. The solid waste (including toilet paper) is confined beneath a layer of oil. This arrangement eliminates odours and kills flies (flies cannot land on oil). The solid waste may be stirred into a slurry to help it to flow into a holding tank. The slurry in this tank may be set aside and will naturally change into a safe and sanitary fertilizer in a matter of months (the length of this process depends on the local climate).

A working prototype of the Oilet has already been made. I plan to use whatever money I can raise to build future prototypes with an emphasis on making them easier to mass produce in any part of the world using local resources and labour. Such a project will require a long-term investment and competent partners.

You can help to turn this vision into a reality. Every contributor will receive a monthly update.

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A personal fundraiser by

David Scott

David Scott

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