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From Ashley & MFO - Thank you!

Update posted 7 years ago

We are blown away by the tremendous support and compassion from each and every single person who donated, shared, and otherwise supported the #AshleyRunsHaiti fundraiser. We had a total of 1,163 donations, raising $64,393 for the children of the Maison Fortuné Orphanage in Haiti. This doesn't even include the Ashley Horner Glow Run, Hannah Eden's fundraiser and additional efforts to support the cause. 

Because of you, we are now able to support our children's schooling and education in ways we haven't been able to before. We will be able to afford new school uniforms for the children, as well as books, pencils, and other supplies. We can provide for our teachers' salaries, all of whom are accredited, and committed to making these children's lives better through learning. 

We originally set a goal for $28,000. We blew right past that after being down on the ground in Haiti for less than 24 hours. We then raised the goal to $56,000. And sure enough, we reached that just hours before Ashley ran into Hinche to meet the kids from the orphanage for the final mile. We are so overcome with gratitude at the support for this fundraiser this last week.  

We are beyond thrilled and of course our mission doesn’t end here – MFO has more needs, but thanks to Ashley’s efforts, we’re able to focus even more resources to our other challenges.

If you would like to continue to be part of this journey with us, please visit http://www.mfofoundation.org/donations/ and consider signing up to be a monthly donor.


Ashley Horner & Mary Kwasniewski (MFO Executive Director)

Join me as I run 230 miles along the Western border of Haiti on April 3rd to raise funds for the primary school of the Maison Fortuné Orphanage for an entire year.   Starting in Port-Au-Prince and ending in the village of Hinche, where my two older boys and their brothers and sisters at the orphanage will run the final mile with me, back to the doorsteps of the Maison Fortuné Orphanage.   

In December 2016, I visited a small orphanage in Haiti for the first time that I now call family.

As Americans we think we have it all figured out, the system, how things should work. More times than not we do more harm than good. The country of Haiti and the people who make up the communities don't need to be turned into another America. They don't need religion pushed on them, (they are all very spiritual already) they don't need 'volunteers' coming in to do a job for them only to leave with no instructional teachings on the maintenance of the work they left. And believe me, they are the toughest and hardest  working people I have ever seen. It all starts with education, deep rooted from the very beginning and built from the ground up. And releasing them back into the community to become the leaders of Haiti. What I witnessed during my time in Haiti were traditions passed on from generation to generation and many of those will never change, this is what makes Haitians so beautiful and unique. What I also saw, were so many unfinished or non logical solutions started by 'American volunteers' that did more harm than good. What they need is education for the students, encouraging them to attend Haitian university, educating the Haitian doctors, educating the teachers. And the infrastructure will change. This is why at @maisonfortune education is the number 1 priority, and this is why I have set out on this journey to raise a lot of money for the Maison Fortune educational funding.  My goal, with your help, is to raise $28,000 for the elementary school.  Believe me when I say the boys and girls are so so smart, they simply need the tools of education to put them back into a country that needs them.

To learn more about Maison Fortuné Orphanage, visit: www.MFOFoundation.org 

School FACTS:

  • School is for Pre-school to six grade with 120 MFO students on-site
  • Additional 176 kids attend from Hinche Community 
  • School includes mid-day meal for everyone
  • Annual School budget $28K

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