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I don’t know how many watches are in your collection, all I know is that regardless of the number, you need to keep them safe. There are lots of styles I can talk of, perhaps you have a few colorful designs that match your outfit, and there are lots of options you can use to store them at home. If you don’t store your watches well, they can be damaged by moisture, get scratches or even stolen. On this page, you will learn how to store your watches collection at home.

Tips for keeping watches safe at home

In addition to purchasing a great watch box from My Treasure Box, which is one of the top online watch dealers in Australia, there are proved good practices that lead to the safety of your watches. Although I dint recommend all of them, people practice them anyway. Find out from your reading today the most recommended option in keeping watches safe. Go through them keenly and identify with the ones applicable to your house. 

The first and most recommended option is to keep your watches in a watch box. They have glass tops that help in keeping your watch collection on sight and is the most preferred by people who like design, style, and change watches daily. Besides, they are lined with felt or a plush fabric that prevents watches from being scratched or dented. At My Treasure Box, you will get a variety of watches to select from. Below are other options that can be considered but not necessarily recommended.

Another option of keeping your watch collection is home is the use of an insert that keeps the watches in a dresser drawer. You can consider buying special trays that come with square compartments for holding watch boxes and narrow compartments to keep watch bands flat. Just in case you already have a tray that is not lined, you can buy a non-slip drawer liner or make use of the foam pipe insulation in holding watches. Also, you need a cigar humidor to keep your cigars from humidity and temperature which can damage your watches. Besides, a watch roll will be important if you intend to travel with your watch. They’re made of flexible material or soft fabric which is perfect for an overnight bag or packing in a suitcase. In case you didn’t know, automatic watches work best if they keep running. If you have one, you need to keep it in a watch winder because it will keep it running even when you’re nor wearing it and prolongs its life. Finally, beware that your valuable watches are likely to attract the attention of thieves. It is therefore good to store them in a safe. 


The information offered on this post is sufficient to help you keep your watches safe. For more information, you can visit My Treasure Box online page. You will be safer trading with reliable experts and I can tell with certainty that My Treasure Box is on top of the game. 

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