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Help Aria Vega get her seizure alert dog!


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Update posted 1 year ago
Thank you so very much to everyone who has donated so far and participated in our fundraising events! We’ll continue raising funds until we reach our goal! :)

Aria Vega is a happy go lucky five-year-old little girl who suffers from epilepsy, hypotonia, and global delays. She is currently non-verbal and has limited mobility and fine motor skills. We recently applied for a service dog for many different reasons, we felt that a dog at her side to grow with and confide in will not only give her and us a sense of security but also help contribute to her ability to thrive. Aria primarily has her seizures at night, which of course is a concern of whether we will know. We have used many different devices to try and track and or alert us of a potential seizure, nothing picks up either of her tonic or atonic seizures. A seizure alert dog would have the ability to alert us before or during a seizure and could potentially keep Aria in a safe position. We also think a dog would be a big help towards redirection and confidence during her therapy sessions. We also hope, as Aria progresses, her service dog will also take on the task of mobility assistance. Any donations will be directly put towards a service dog which includes training, vet care, maintenance, etc. (Total cost 17,000) We greatly appreciate all donations as it is a significant cost. They say it takes a village to raise a child and you are all apart of our village. For more information regarding her service dog you can find the website by clicking here.

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