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A personal fundraiser by

Robert Rother

Future Defence Community is a platform that can start the golden era for humanity.


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Future Defence Community is a platform designed to be the true voice of the people, with the use of this platform We can raise awareness and provide a peaceful path of action to influence global/regional beneficial changes for the people.

We intend to enlist a number of essential subjects to increase awareness of the people, essential subjects that will have a significant impact on the lives of billions of people within the next years.

Once an individual acknowledges the facts, he/she can take part in our community survey feature that intends to gather the opinion of the community regarding the specific topic, whether they are concerned and would like for preventive action to take place. After completing the survey each member will get rewarded with Future Defence Community tokens that can gain immerse financial value within the next years. Meaning every person can gain a substantial amount of money for simply contributing to a more secured future for the entire human race.

We intend to add multiple online activities that will be rewarded with community tokens.

Furtherly after completing the survey, each member can take part in the “Call For Action” which is a petition-like feature that intends to gather the biggest amount of people worldwide in order to influence beneficial, preventive solutions in order to secure the well-being and survival of humanity.

This is the core functionality of our community which can drastically increase awareness regarding several essential topics that can destabilize or even endanger a vast amount of the human population.
There are tens of online rewarded activities planned for the people to contribute continuously.

As We launch this incredible revolutionary project that intends to be the true voice of the people, We have a lot of incredible features planned, such as Community-Decision-Making-System, Global Support Center, and even educational games to educate the gamers.
The features designed are truly miraculous and can have an incredible impact on our civilization.

This is the greatest use of the internet ever designed and it has the potential to benefit billions of lives within 5-10 years' time.

We need much support in order to make this platform a reality, deploying the cryptocurrency token, creating the rewarding system, global support center, and each functionality along the way is simply not possible for a few individuals.

Please become a part of a better tomorrow and support the creation of this revolutionary platform that can really give power back to the people, remove the corruption and even military conflicts as We have designed so many features that can literary bring salvation to the human race.

We are currently completely redesigning the platform to make it easy to use for a person of any age,
the next steps of making this a reality are:
Deploying our cryptocurrency token with many anti-whale features will make it as least controllable by third-party organizations.

Configuring the rewarding system for online activities will enable the users to gain large amounts of money with no investment needed.

After completing these 3 steps, the platform will be ready for an official launch that can really increase the awareness of the human population and provide a peaceful path of action to influence beneficial changes.

Feel free to contact me at +31626940521, and be the change you want to see.

The future defence community can just be the thing humanity needs for the golden era to emerge.

Please support us in any way possible, We value your time and commitment way more than financial support, yet any kind of support it truly essential for this platform to become a reality.

A personal fundraiser by

Robert Rother

Robert Rother

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