School Board Candidate in Puppy Jail!

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The SPCA of Brazoria County does amazing work; donate NOW to ensure they are able to continue!


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As the owner of three shelter doggos myself, I know the importance of keeping the SPCA up and running. Donate today to make a difference in the lives of the animals living at the shelter and the people who spend their days loving and caring for them. Every donation goes right to the SPCA of Brazoria County and helps with food, bedding, toys, medicines, and medical care that all of the animals receive. If it takes me and some of my friends spending the night in a cage with a dog to help raise the funds, I'm beyond happy to do so! I'm excited for the opportunity to serve in this capacity, so donate, follow along with the updates, and look for lots of pictures with me and my new friends, both human and canine. 

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