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Rev CML Hanayo Erza
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Supporting the 49 days death rituals for Aama Bambo for a peaceful transition and honouring.


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Memorial date June 7, 2023 - One year

Blessings dear Aama, we love you and pray for your journey. 

One year after the death of a loved one in Nepal, a Nepali puja is held to honor the deceased. This is a joyous occasion, unlike funerals in the Western world. The first death anniversary is called a barsy, which means year in Nepalese is a ritual for expressing one's respectful feelings for the ancestors 

According to Nepali texts, a soul has to wander about in the various worlds after death and has to suffer a lot due to past karmas. 

Dear Relatives, 

This is such a difficult message to share with you - we are circling up in support of Grandmother Aama Bambo and her family. Hanayo received a video call this week from Aama's granddaughters.  

We ask that you offer up your prayers for her health to comfort each and every aspect of her journey, in sacred reciprocity, as she has devoted her life long service to each of us, in her daily blessings in this global prayer of peace and unity. 

Through the 2 years of the pandemic, Grandmother Aama continued with dialysis with both failed kidneys but continued to provide healing to all that came, while also continuing daily prayers and Puja ceremonies for peace and healing in the world. With a lifetime of healing, teaching and prayers for world peace, releasing the suffering, and assisting with the transition of decades of souls in their transitions. We come together in prayer with love and respect for a beautiful Healer and Grandmother to all.

Thank you so much for taking the time to learn about this MightyCause supporting an “Emergency Medical and Life Legacy Fund” for Grandmother Aama Bambo, in support of her life’s work and to ease her mind that we will find a way for continued support for her Monastery and Orphanage at the foot of the Kali temple, in Nepal.  *Please see updates to see descriptions of these causes"

This month, Aama says that she 'has a big prayer to give to the world' 

that we wish to share with you, through a Youtube video or Live feed depending on Aama's state of health.

About Grandmother Aama Bambo

Buddhi Maya Lama, also known as Aama Bambo (Mother Shaman), was born July 16, 1943 in the remote village of Melong in the Eastern part of the Bagmati Zone, Nepal. Her father was a renowned shaman in the Nepalese Tamang tradition. Aama became a shaman despite the Tamang tradition that women are not supposed to practice shamanism. In the early days, her father restricted her in every way from practicing shamanism. However, when her father died at the age of eighty, his spirits and other gods and spirits started visiting and teaching her to be a shaman, against the prevailing cultural values of Tamang society.

She is the only woman to have ever been accepted into the highest order of shamans in Nepal – and she was even selected for a trip recently to meet with other shamans in Africa. Aama’s prayers began daily at 3:00 am until sunrise, in her walking prayer near the famous Boudhanath Temple, in Kathmandu, near her home where she then proceeded to treat around 100 patients every morning, with patients who had visited her locally from around the country, India and Tibet and renown, as far away as Canada, USA, Australia, China and Europe. She does not discriminate against those she heals, treating the poorest of the poor and the Royal Family of Nepal with equal dedication and respect.

It has been a great honour for Aama Bambo alongside The International Council of 13 Indigenous Grandmothers, spreading her message of universal peace, harmony and brotherhood and also her work with The Council of Twelve and Above, at the New York, United Nations which opened in November 2017 *please see the movie on the link below

Many had been touched and blessed by her strong ceremony, changing our lives and the world. 

Grandmother Aama says,

‘Everywhere I go, I pray to create a world without war and conflict. I would like to see a world full of natural beauty where all people have the same rights.’

Our gift to Grandmother Aama Bambo

In devotion and dedication, we come together to create this Life Legacy Fund for you, that you may rest peacefully knowing that your life’s work to bridge this world to the next will continue to be in our hearts.  That we participate in this and future prayers, and will continue to gather in Nepal to bring peace and joy to this continued prayer, in your name. With our loving gratitude of the souls that you know in name and in spirit.

Immediate Financial Support for Grandmother Aama

1. In support of purchasing any medical needs for Bi-Weekly Dialysis, Blood Injections, Daily Oxygen, Medications and Transportation to the medical clinic $3,500

NEW - Geri Chairs | Medical Recliner Chairs | Geriatric Chairs

2. Assisting with travel expenses for her Granddaughter Lama Priti to travel from the UK to Nepal $2,500

3. Our contributions for Aama's Life Celebration and Funeral costs $4,000

Grandmother Aama’s Life Legacy Fund Causes

4. Ongoing financial support for Aama’s Monastery and Children’s Orphanage $10,000

5. Restoration project for the Kali Temple at the foot of Aama’s Monastery $5,000

Namaste in loving gratitude,

Rev Hanayo in honour of Grandmother Aama

The international council of 13 Indigenous Grandmothers

Prayer team: Priti and Manju Lama and family, Dig Tamang, Marisol Villanueva Mendez, Sonja Marcinek, Lesle Goodhart, Daniella Scarparo, Cindy Moneta, and Mary McCulloch, and family at Le Ciel.

Facebook @aama.bambo

Aama's Youtube channel

Grandmothers Council website

The Council of Twelve and Above website

A personal fundraiser by

Rev CML Hanayo Erza

Rev CML Hanayo Erza

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