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Make a difference for the future of Great Green Macaws in Costa Rica.


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Great Green Macaws (Ara ambiguus) are some of the most charismatic birds in the world. Tragically, they now face many threats to their survival in the wild.

Ara Manzanillo operates as an accredited non-profit organization dedicated to restoring wild populations of macaws in the Caribbean region of Costa Rica by:

  • Restoring Great Green Macaws to their historic range in Costa Rica;
  • Contributing critical data to the scientific community;
  • Encouraging the conservation of tropical forest habitats; and
  • Educating local communities and general public about the benefits of protecting wild macaws now for future generations.

We rely heavily on the support of donors like you to make this happen.
Please donate today to help protect Costa Rica’s amazing Great Green Macaws from extinction.

Learn more about our work by visiting our website at:


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Ara Manzanillo are directly distributed via MightyCause and WPT.

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