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A nonprofit fundraiser supporting

UCCA - Ukrainian Congress Committee of America
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Assist Ukraine was formed after the Russian invasion of Ukraine to support the Ukrainian people.


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After the Russian invasion, Assist Ukraine was formed following three operating principles:

1.  To make sure that what we supply is truly needed, we would respond to the priorities of Ukrainians on the front lines;

2.  To make sure every shipment of supplies reaches the people who need them as quickly as possible, all critical materials are couriered to their intended destination;

3.  To make sure every cent of every donation is used to purchase needed supplies, we personally cover all transportation, resourcing, logistics, and other overhead costs.

Assist Ukraine operates in conjunction with Families Assisting Families, an Alaska Nonprofit Corporation, and with the Ukrainian Congress Committee of America (UCCA), a 501(c)(3) organization, serving as a fiscal sponsor.

Since its founding, Assist Ukraine has:

  • provided financial assistance for Kyiv self-defense volunteers and civilians during initial siege; and
  • helped open and fund an orphanage in Western Ukraine, now home to more then 100 orphaned and displaced children; and
  • delivered 10-tons of food for Kharkiv residents, water purification supplies and systems 30+ surveillance drones, radios & field communications equipment, as well as wood burning stoves for Kharkiv and Eastern Region residents; and
  • funded the purchase of protective vests, headlamps, body armor and 250+ helmets, along with boots, eye protection, night vision goggles, specialty backpacks and belts, flashlights, and knee pads.
  • provided high-end supplies for trauma kits, combat tourniquets, decompression needles, Israeli bandages, dressings, rescue stainless steel shears, and 300 body bags (tragically)

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