In Loving Memory of Aurora Martinolich D'Amico

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A nonprofit fundraiser supporting

Homeward Trails Animal Rescue Incorporated
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Donations in Aurora's memory will support the Aurora Martinolich D'Amico Memorial Medical Fund.


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Aurora has loved animals all her life. While she was primarily a cat lover and was caretaker to many cats over her life, she donated to save the lives of many other animals. From dogs abandoned in Afghanistan, to horses abandoned after their racing career had ended. Aurora moved from buying purebred cats to rescuing cats about 20 years ago. We drove down to North Carolina to rescue our first cat, Happy, from a kill shelter on the day before he was to be euthanized. The moment we walked in the door, Happy jumped up to greet her. He slept in her lap for the 6 hour drive back.  That day we also transported 2 other cats to a rescue group in Richmond.

Then came Mimi with her tiny paw (a birth defect they thought) who hopped like a rabbit deep into Aurora's heart. We rescued Spirit and Joy (brother and sister) next. Spirit and Happy were great pals until Happy passed to the Rainbow Bridge. During the Covid-19 pandemic Spirit died then Joy about a year later. So we were without cats. That's when Aurora found Homeward Trails. 

She wanted a bonded pair and came across Patches and Tuck who we adopted and rechristened Mercy and Glory. Both had teeth that needed removal which Homeward Trails paid to have done. Glory is an absolute angel and stole Aurora's heart. Mercy is more mischievous but extremely loving. We were grateful to have them both. 

Aurora made many donations to Homeward Trails before she passed and would smile down from heaven on anyone who follows suit and donates in her name. As a lasting memorial we have chosen to sponsor the Homeward Trails medical fund which will be named the Aurora Martinolich D'Amico Memorial Medical Fund.

In addition to the initial sponsorship of $10,000 Aurora’s husband Blaine will match all donations made to this fundraiser dollar for dollar until February 29th

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