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Your donation will help us narrate our own stories and our futures, as sex workers & rights holders


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The Best Practices Policy Project (or BPPP) is a grassroots, sex worker led organization serving and advocating with sex workers from across the United States. Everything we do is guided by principles of human rights and self determination.

In that spirit we are dreaming of your direct donations that will support our Black sex worker led writing workshop series that mentors ten community members to narrate their own stories, publish, learn how to benefit from their art and advocate for their rights on their own terms. Your donations will provide weekly stipends of $50 per participant for four weeks and support the workshops leader who also represents the rights and experiences of sex workers.

Your donation can also be used to get food and medicines to our siblings, trans sex workers in Uganda, who are fearing for their lives after the passage of a new law that criminalizes them, condemning them to prison (or even the death penalty). 

Your donation can also support our current co-director who is Black and trans.

This photo is of some of our interns and volunteers, who made a decision to ally with and support our work.

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Peace Development Fund Inc

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