Bernard Had a Potential Life Threatening Emergency

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You may remember Bernard. We brought you his story when we found him during a Trap Neuter Return trip in southern Virginia helping caregivers get their cats altered. He was severely matted, covered in drool and discharge. He was estimated to be 16 or 17 years old and life had taken a toll on him. We took Bernard in, neutered him, and got him a much needed dental. Things have been looking up for him as he gets used to life as an inside kitty with all the luxuries that comes with. But over the weekend Bernard was visibly in pain, straining to urinate, passing only blood. 

We rushed him to the vet where they quickly treated him to prevent him from becoming blocked and unable to pass urine. This is a life-threatening situation, especially for a very senior kitty. He will need additional tests and monitoring to determine the cause of the crystals so we can start treatment. Please help us get Bernard the help he needs before it gets worse. 

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