Brave Bonnie Urgently Needs Vet Care

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Rescued from a severe hoarding case, Bonnie is sick and desperately needs vet care and a safe place


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Bonnie is a 4.5-year-old, black and brown hound who was part of a horrible, neglectful hoarding case of dogs and cats in rural Virginia. They were found in horrible conditions: barrels for shelter, almost no food or water, confined on short chains to pens full of their own feces, and covered in parasites – Bonnie no exception. For years, rescues and shelters have been trying to get these animals from the property, and until recently, to no avail. The owners finally have signed the animals over, and Bonnie desperately needs our help, as is she is also positive for Lyme and needs dental work. Rural Virginia shelters often have low resources, low foot traffic, and higher euthanasia rates, especially when it comes to dogs like Bonnie. Can you help bring Bonnie to Homeward Trails so she can receive the medical and dental care she desperately needs as well as socialization and love so she can eventually find the loving forever family she deserves?

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