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A nonprofit fundraiser supporting

Kentucky Association for Environmental Education
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Join me in supporting my favorite nonprofit and our newest program - Kentucky Green Schools!


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One of my friends recently asked me what the highlight of the past year has been. The answer was easy - camping with my family. It is among my favorite things to see the joy my children experience when they spend time outdoors. Seeing them discover cool rocks, search for the perfect walking stick, or hike to waterfalls - the benefits of being in nature are on full display in moments like that.

There is no substitute for meaningful time outdoors. No app, VR, or screen of any sort could replace what a connection to nature provides children and students. KAEE supports teachers and educators working to give children and students these experiences in nature whether or not they have access at home.

Teachers need our support now more than ever. Kids need a meaningful connection to nature now more than ever. Join me in donating to an organization working to do both of those things - support educators and get kids outside. 

While inspiring environmentally friendly behavior and taking active steps toward creating a greener and healthier world - starting with their local environment at school, the Kentucky Green Schools program promotes eco-literacy, investigative skills, teamwork, leadership skills, and sustainability practices.

Thank you for caring and investing in the future of our children!

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Kentucky Association for Environmental Education

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