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As a new member of the Board of Directors of the National Council of Jewish Women, Greater Miami Section, I am asking that you help in supporting our efforts to defend the right to vote and full access to reproductive rights, causes actively supported by this organization.

NCJW Miami, along with its partner sections throughout the state, advocates endlessly to ensure that reproductive choice remains a personal decision unencumbered by legislation. NCJW advocates meet with federal, state, and local legislators to fight against the ever-growing efforts to limit choice and reverse Roe v. Wade. In addition, NCJW advocates are fighting for reproductive justice. Reproductive justice allows for each individual to make decisions about when to have a child, how to carry the pregnancy, how to give birth, and how to raise that child. NCJW Miami works with its coalition partners to protect reproductive rights and ensure safe and accessible reproductive health care. Its Pro-Truth Florida campaign is a movement to fight the deceptive tactics of fake clinics, also known as anti-abortion “crisis pregnancy centers,” in Florida. As the window of opportunity to access abortion care becomes smaller, potentially only 6 weeks, it is essential that people receive impartial accurate information about their health care, and not be lured by misinformation aimed at denying them this essential service.

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National Council of Jewish Women Miami

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