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My choice for a charity is JDRF Greater Northwest.  JDRF is a community-based, non-profit organization that funds, researches, and supports families with children who are diagnosed with type-1 diabetes. This one resonates with me because I have witnessed a mother overcome one of the most incredible obstacles, get up every day, and show up for her children. Here‘s part of her journey.

A determined single mother whose world revolved around two bright-eyed daughters, one of whom, at a young age, was faced with the diagnosis of childhood diabetes. But in the face of adversity, this young mother embarked on a mission to ensure her children experienced the joys of a normal childhood. The diagnosis affected this mom to her core, but she refused to let it cast a shadow over her little one’s early years. Determined to provide her daughter with a childhood filled with laughter and adventure, she became a beacon of strength. She embraced the intricacies of managing her child's diabetes by gracefully turning each obstacle into an opportunity for growth and resilience. 

As I observed her journey, I marveled at her resilience to transform obstacles into stepping stones for her child. Her commitment to ensuring her childhood was as regular as possible was a testament to love's transformative power.  Their story was inspiring, to say the least. It was a reminder that a mother’s endless love, paired with selfless determination, can pave the way for a childhood filled with laughter, dreams, hope and possibilities that include a beautiful tapestry of shared priceless moments. 

Please help me by donating to JRDF, as I’ve selected to embark on my own physical, spiritual and mental journey to support those in need.

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