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 In the two hundred years since the Carmel Mission was first built, this is the first major restoration in a hundred years and the first with a documentary film crew on-site during the process alongside the people who are doing the work. Over the better part of a year a diverse selection of scaffolding, masonry, drilling and masonry teams work together on one of California's oldest buildings, bringing the stability up to earthquake code and giving its quintessential stucco shell a critical update. Award winning filmmaker Douglas Mueller was commissioned to document the process and along the way fell in love with the process all in hopes to bring the entire project to life for inquiring historians.

With filming completed long ago, Mueller aims to fund the remaining post production and editing work as well as engaging with local non-profits specializing in music and specifically those organizations who typically use the Carmel Mission as a performance venue- as present their music on top of the visual dance of construction work.

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