2020 Raise the Dough for Gonzaga HS Campus Kitchen

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A nonprofit fundraiser supporting

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Gonzaga students supporting local clients struggling with food insecurity.


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BLOG POST: COVID19 Can't Stop Us!

Update posted 4 years ago

Jack Doolin '21 wrote a blog post about our meal delivery efforts during the quarantine. You can sign up on our website to receive our blog posts by email.

Read it here: https://www.gonzagacampuskitchen.com/post/covid19-can-t-stop-us

Dear Campus Kitchen Friends: 

Every year we ask you to support our Campus Kitchen.  We aren’t looking for large donations, but hope to get many small ones -- $5 or $10 gifts that help us feed our neighbors.  You have never let us down and we hope you will chip in again this year.  It has never been more critical since Campus Kitchen no longer has access to leftovers and it has expanded greatly since the pandemic began. Please ask your friends and family to make a small donation to our 2020 Mighty Cause Campaign. 

Although COVID 19 has shut down most activities on Eye Street, our Campus Kitchen continues to thrive.  Thanks to the generosity and determination of ASCs Josue Amaya  and Griffin Morche, meals have continued to go out every Tuesday and Friday.  To fill the gap when leftovers from campus disappeared, Dr. Kim Cox, President of the McKenna Center, offered to help us with meals. She then connected us to Jose Andres’ World Central Kitchen who is delivering us an additional 200 meals per week.  Thank you, Emily Wild , Gonzaga mom, for your delivery services!  We are now serving 440 meals per week instead of our usual 120.  

Some of our new clients lost everything last year when their homes at the Arthur Capper Residence in S.E. burned down. Many younger families have suffered job losses and need food and basic supplies.  We continue to supplement every meal with fresh fruit and a dessert and have been offering “extras” such as toilet paper and soap. Our clients have been asking for hand sanitizer but we haven’t been able to find that yet …  but we keep trying.  

Our students are not allowed to come to campus, but we have been inundated with emails and texts asking us what they can do.  Yesterday I received an email from a sophomore mom who said her son’s birthday was this week and he wondered if in lieu of a birthday present, they could “do something to support Campus Kitchen”.  Our current CK leadership team has organized a letter writing campaign and are writing personal notes to their favorite clients as well as the new friends we have brought on board.  

St. Ignatius said that “love is shown more in deeds than in words” and our alumni and current students have been “modeling “love in action.”   Special thanks to:  Josue Amaya ‘15, Griffin Morche ’15, Jack Cashmere ‘15, Phil Kiley, ‘15, Finn Tuite ‘15, Peter Sikorsky ‘15, and Logan Leathers ‘15 for reclaiming their Campus Kitchen hats.  A huge thanks to Andrew Gans '20, Henry Sullivan ‘20,  Luke Elliot ‘21, and Jack Doolin ‘21 for organizing this fundraiser and the letter writing campaign and creating our new web page.  We are truly blessed. 

Your small donations of $5 or $10 will allow us to purchase meal boxes, portion cups, gloves, fresh fruit, desserts and special items such as toilet paper, soap, and more.  

Thank you. 

Patty Tobin (Moderator of the Campus Kitchen at Gonzaga College High School)

You can help by:

  • Asking family and friends to donate $5 online
  • Share this link with friends via social media -- every $5 makes a difference
  • Asking three friends to commit $5 donation each 

Your support is greatly appreciated!

Check out our website! www.gonzagacampuskitchen.com

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