Coats and Food Baskets for Cold Syrian Children

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Children in Syria face another harsh winter with no food and no coats. We want to change that.


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$25,000 goal

What do you do when you are cold and hungry? When you have no options, but to curl up in a ball at night, hoping you will wake up next morning?

You hope - and pray.

We want to do our part. We are determined to distribute COATS and FOOD to as many cold and hungry beautiful Syrian children as possible.

We can't do this effort alone! We need YOUR help. Many families in Syria get coats from our containers, but there are many areas under siege  where the only way to help is by buying coats and food locally. With your help, we can reach more - and not fewer - children.

Will you help ensure a child can survive another cold winter night and not lie there, cold and hungry, waiting for dawn to break?

One Person at a Time, One Humanity Closer

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