EMERGENCY FRUIT RELIEF - The Fight is not Over!

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A nonprofit fundraiser supporting

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Bringing FRESH FRUIT and VEG to our Neighbors in Need during these difficult times!


raised by 30 people

$5,000 goal

18,000 LBS and Counting!

Update posted 4 years ago

More than 18,000 lbs of fresh fruits and vegetables donated to families in need!

Helping to build Immune Systems during these difficult times.

During these difficult times of confusion, shutdowns and social distancing, our lives seem in complete disruption due to Coronavirus.  

FRUITFUL PLANET, and our parent company SOUTH BLOCK, are dedicated to providing Fresh fruit and vegetables to all of these populations during these difficult times.

School shutdowns have caused thousands of children to worry about where their most nutritious meal of the day is coming from?

Compromised immune systems of the elderly and many others, has prompted a call for healthier eating for all.

Families that are "struggling and underserved" are at risk - more than ever - as they face a shortage of food and services. 

Working with partners , we are committed to bringing fresh fruit to school children, families, and seniors in need during these challenging times.

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