Mexican Heritage Festival 2023!

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A celebration of culture and community, the festival brings people together to celebrate and learn.


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Support the Mexican Heritage Festival 2023!!

The annual Mexican Heritage Festival launched during 2020, in honor of Mexican Día de La Independencia on September 16th. A celebration of culture and community, the festival  brings people together to celebrate, learn, connect and experience art and music.

In addition to honoring Mexican cultural and heritage, the festival supports and highlights Mexican artists and Hispanic-owned businesses.

The Mexican Heritage Festival 2023 goals are:

-To foster healthy relationships and cultural learning among all town members, connecting ethnic communities

-Build tourism during Truckee’s off-season increasing economic stability of local businesses and families

-Create opportunities for Hispanic and Mexican-owned local businesses to generate customers and build support

-Create a community space for cultural arts, artisans and traditional crafts.

One of Arts For The Schools founding tenants is to promote cultural understanding and learning.  We have a deep commitment to equality.  Arts For The Schools has for the last 40 years worked to promote cultural diversity and learning through our programing for schools and the public.  We are proud to host the festival for North Lake Tahoe.  

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