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Hello and thanks for viewing my profile so you can learn more about Guerrilla Community Movement (AKA Guerrilla Mask Movement). 

Guerrilla Community Movement (GCM) is a community focused effort helping at risk youth in the LA area. They are creating local urban projects to help at risk youth learn skills and tools in life that are not readily available to them.   

Some of their programs include:

“Guerrilla Sipping Sauce” manufacturing training

Qigong energy healing program

Circle of life Native American Indian mentorship

Love your life yogic framework of living conference

Urban gardening

Make and publish your own music program

The goal is to help at risk youth to heal and find themselves while teaching them the skills to succeed as they get ready to venture into the real world.

I chose this organization based on my background as an entrepreneur and sharing aspects of being an at-risk youth due to poor decisions and behaviors in my teenage years. At the age of 17, I was fortunate enough to start learning Chinese Kung Fu and it directed me onto a positive and productive path in life. So much so that I took those principles and applied them to starting, growing and selling a successful business. Now, I am an author with my first new book, Business Kung Fu. 

At risk youth need a chance to come across someone and something that will ignite a passion to strive for excellence and become a positive force in our society. In so doing, crime is reduced and lives our improved in exponential ways. Now more than ever, our youth need proper guidance and GCM’s programs can provide this. I hope you consider supporting this extremely valuable organization. 

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Guerrilla Mask Movement Inc

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