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Raising $ to drive much needed supplies from RVA to protestors @ Standing Rock Reservation in ND.


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Update posted 7 years ago

SO many things are happening in the country right now. And every day another one happens and we forget about a current one. While everyone talks about that knob Milo- they've forgotten about the toxic water in Flint. While we think of how dumb Miller & Conway & Spicer sound- they've forgotten all the money 45 is making off of his businesses STILL. 

While paying any attention at all to what 45 says today, they've forgotten all the bullshit he's done and said in the last year.

Well- in 8 hours my fundraiser will be over. I have chosen one group not to forget.

I haven't forgotten about the people of Standing Rock. I haven't forgotten who stands to make money off of this pipeline. I haven't forgotten that for months they've been there in the cold, fighting and standing for their land, and fresh water. 

The news is bad today. They've closed in on the camps and set fire to buildings and blamed it on "protestors". They will continue to do this in the coming months and years. They will use "protestors" as scapegoats and they are pushing these Native Americans to see how far they can go and what they can get away with. But all I know is what I hear and see on the news or on the internet. And I don't believe half of it. So I'm going to find out for myself.

I will still leave tomorrow and take all the $$ I've raised for them to them. If they are still standing, I will stand. If they are cleaning or not, I will clean. If they are all arrested, I will give the money to the legal defense fund for the tribe. I will do whatever it is that I can do.

Thank you all for donating. I will document and let you all know where your hard earned dollars will go. 

There are still 8 hours left if you have been wanting to help but not sure how to actually get your donation into the hands of the people. 

Again, thank you for all you've done,


Valient Himself

In December when the outrage over the oil pipeline being built through the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe's land was heating up, Valient Thorr was on tour in Europe.  I said that if I was at home, I'd gather supplies and drive them up there myself.  Then a wonderful thing happened:  on December 4th, the Army Corp of Engineers denied the permit to build a key section releasing tension that had built up over months of protest.  However, we knew it wouldn't be long until it started up again.

Tired of just reposting articles, I've decided now that I'm back in the states to gather supplies and/or money to buy those needed supplies and drive them to the Water Protectors in North Dakota.  I have no idea how long it will take to raise this money, or who will be willing to help in this endeavor, so I'm putting a month on here to try to make this goal happen.  If I hit the goal faster, then I will act faster.

My plan is to raise this money, use approximately $1415 of it ($1,103 for the truck rental, $312 for gas) to get the supplies up there and use the rest to buy supplies.  I will fund my own ticket/transportation back.  The supplies needed are:  Coveralls, tarps, heavy duty gloves, insulated waterproof arctic boots, fire logs, firebricks, fire wood, snow shovels, batteries, propane, pellet stoves, pellets, heating elements, renewable batteries, solar chargers, flashlights, lanterns, solar LED lights, cell signal boosters, ice chests, horse feed, headlamps, phone cards, gas cards, basalt, etc.

Besides raising money, I am also taking donations of any of the supplies on this list above.  You can contact me at  If you know of an organization (scouting, church, radio station) or business that might want to get involved, please contact or have them contact me.

Finally, I do this in hopes that it might inspire others to do the same in their community.  There are a multitude of people/causes being oppressed here in the United States right now, and more NOW happening every day.  I'm choosing to help the Sioux tribe now, and if I succeed then it will show you all how easy it is to put something together like this in your community and help out.


Valient Himself

A personal fundraiser by

Valient Himself

Valient Himself

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