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We use international photography as a teaching tool, widening world views of students, to promote understanding and respect for all people.


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Cultural Jambalaya ( celebrates our various cultures by using international photography to help promote education, understanding and respect for all people. The Minnesota-based nonprofit has released a one-of-a-kind educational DVD for teachers featuring images and narratives from across the globe. Supported by an online study guide, “Windows & Mirrors” is a classroom resource for middle school teachers aimed at promoting cultural understanding and acceptance through a variety of subjects, including social studies, geography, history, diversity and language. Cultural Jambalaya was founded in 2005 by globe trekker and photographer Gail Shore, whose self-funded solo treks focus on people and the traditions, rituals and religions that enrich fragile cultures around the world. The DVD includes images collected during Shore’s more than 35 years of travels to distant regions, including Myanmar, Bhutan, Namibia, New Guinea and Tibet, among others. Diversity education is a top priority in schools. Families with rich cultural backgrounds continue to make up more of America’s rich mosaic. To begin to break down cultural barriers, “Windows and Mirrors” uses complelling images and narratives to ask students to admire and value each other’s similarities as well as our differences. Cultural Jambalaya believes the more we know about each others histories, traditions and religions, the more understanding and respectful we can become of one another. The DVD is accompanied by a study guide available at The study guide includes instructional exercises relative to various global modules or themes. The questions are designed to spark students’ imagination and to encourage them to think broadly as they learn about the new cultures and individuals in the DVD. Cultural Jambalaya takes no salaries. Proceeds benefit organizations that advance diversity, human rights and social justice.

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