The 5th Annual Boogie Down Broadway

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Boogie Down Broadway in support of the JCK Foundation and Mental Health Awareness!


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Welcome Back to Boogie Season!

Last year, the 4th Annual Boogie Down Broadway raised over $4,100 for the JCK Foundation... an incredible effort and display of generosity thanks to all who supported and participated in the event!  The success and enjoyment of last year's Boogie has only fueled and motivated us. As a result, we are pouring our efforts into making this year's Boogie even better!

With that, we invite you to join us for the 2023 Boogie! See below for more event details and ways to participate!

The 5th Annual Boogie Down Broadway

Saturday, November 11th - 9:00 am

What is the Boogie Down Broadway, you may ask?

The Boogie Down Broadway is a 13.3 mile walkathon along the length of Broadway within Manhattan. Starting in Inwood and making our way all the way down to the Financial District, we will walk (boogie) as a community to raise money for the JCK Foundation, an organization dedicated to improving mental wellness and resilience amongst our youth (learn more about their work here: Beyond the accomplishment of walking a half marathon while making the world a better place, it’s also a fun day filled with quality humans, fresh conversations, delicious pit-stops, and new experiences. 

In years past, we had the best BBQ in Harlem, the best bagel in Inwood, and the best adult beverage in Flatiron.... just to name a few.

This year will be expanding our horizons with more stops, more surprises, and ideally more unforgettable memories.

But how/why did this originally get started?

This event began out of our passion for three things:

1. Meaningful Conversations with Wonderful Humans:

We'd love to connect with all of you over this day of walking. And we'd love for you to meet new people. Let's figure out the meaning of life. Let's figure out if there is life on other planets. Let's get to know each other. Let's remind the world what being human is all about!

2. Seizing the day:

We are weekend warriors. Nothing thrills us more than starting a Saturday with a mission and accomplishing it. Whether that is going for a long run or taking over the local watering hole with friends, there is no time to waste. Walking 13.3 miles is no joke. There will be highs and lows. We will persevere together and accomplish something bigger than ourselves!

3. Helping Others:

Science has proven that helping others has a direct effect on our personal wellbeineing and happiness. This is an opportunity to do it in a fun way. As mentioned earlier, this year, we will be raising money for the JCK Foundation in support of mental health and resilience amongst our youth. The JCK Foundation wants no student to ever feel like they are alone on their mental health journey and every student to realize just how much their story matters. That’s why they created the “Legends Program”.

Through the program, JCK cultivates an environment where students feel valued, accepted, and motivated to make a positive impact on their own wellness and that of their peers. They also work hand-in-hand with each school to connect students to local mental wellness resources, mental health resources inside of their school, and to provide students with tools and strategies to facilitate conversations with their classmates about mental health. 

Learn more about the organization's important work here:

So how can you get involved and support?

We can think of 3 fantastic options! 

Option 1 - Join us on November 11th for the Boogie! Follow the link to our event website to learn more about the day's schedule and activities here: We can't wait to see you there again and/or meet you!

Option 2 - Support our efforts by pressing that green "Donate" button and donating to the JCK Foundation! We have a goal to raise $5,000 this year for the Foundation and every little bit helps in their efforts towards their important mission!

Option 3 - Share this page and event with others you think would appreciate it! Spreading positivity through the form of sharing happy events with others is real! 

Thanks for any and all support!

The Time is Now... LET'S BOOGIE!

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