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Why Stark Naked- Turning 50 this year made me want to do something monumental for ME, something that would focus around the betterment of ME and my Longevity for the "next 50 years of my life" with my Family and loved ones. I wanted to shock my system and reset my physical and mental habits. My one word for 2023 is "Discipline". I can't think of another way to personify Discipline than SN2023 and the results I intend on displaying with my FULLY-OPTIMIZED self!

Why I Padrini de Antonello- I come from very underprivileged background. My Mother was on her own. I was the youngest of 5 children. At our worst point my mom and I were homeless living out of an El Camino. This didn't last long, but during that time she found help from local non-profits aimed at helping Children that were going hungry. In turn, I want to honor my background and give back to children in need. I was introduced to I Padrini de Antonello by a dear friend, mentor and Member of this organization. I am now a Member and participate religiously... It's all about the Children in need in our community... Just like I was 38 years ago.

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I Padrini Di Antonellos

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