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Empower girls who would not otherwise be able to attend SBC to receive the best education she offers


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Dreamers Scholarship Fund. 

Help make a young girl’s dream come true! Donate to the Dreamers Scholarship Fund. This is a new scholarship program for academically qualified female students in primary school in Cameroon with, extreme and unusual financial challenges who would otherwise not be able to afford a secondary school education, let alone a quality education program in a boarding secondary school like Saker Baptist College.  The successful students will be awarded full scholarships for seven years in Saker Baptist College, from Form One to Upper Sixth. This scholarship also ensures that the successful students are catered for holistically to ensure continued success in the classroom.

Why Saker Baptist College (SBC)?  Read on:

a.         The quality of education at Saker presents the most potential of a successful academic outcome. GCE results in the past years support this finding and serve as the basis of why this secondary school will create the most impact. 

b.         Given the present crisis in Cameroon, SBC in Limbe has been one of the few secondary schools that has stayed opened and provides a relatively secure learning environment with ready help in case of any eventuality. 

c.         If the successful student or students are already internally displaced due to the ongoing crisis, SBC has experience with educating students from similar backgrounds, as was the case with students from Namibian and Liberian refugee camps in the 1980's.

d.         SBC alumnae/sisterhood would readily serve as reliable host parents for scholarship recipients when needed. 

e.         SBC alumnae/sisterhood provides a support system and avenues for mentorship during their tenure at the school and after these girls graduate and need a pathway forward. 

f.          The choice of a boarding school is also deliberate because personal experience and worldwide statistics show that the girl child is often used at home as a domestic worker, babysitter, cook, washer woman etc. Thus, we cannot guarantee that a child already put at a disadvantage by financial challenges can attend a day school and have the necessary wholesome support at home to focus on her studies in a manner that can guarantee a successful outcome.   

DONATE! Join this initiative to empower the girl child in Cameroon. As the sayings go,  "When you educate a girl you educate a family" and, “When you educate a girl you educate a nation!”

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