Can We Save Duke Before It Is Too Late?

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Homeward Trails Animal Rescue Incorporated
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Duke needs to get out of the shelter as soon as possible!


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Duke's life is in danger! This 2 year old Shepherd mix was found as a stray in rural VA. He is lucky to be alive after scrounging for food and desperately having to find safe places to sleep. Duke was brought into a shelter where he patiently awaits his turn to get adopted. Sadly though, Duke has no time to spare! The shelter is so full that they are on a code red status, which means that many dogs will have to be euthanized to make more room if they are not quickly adopted. Homeward Trails can't let Duke's life end so soon! He is too young and too sweet to not be saved. There are so many dogs that need to be rescued, but sadly unless their sponsorship fully covered with donations, they will have to be left behind. Please don't let handsome Duke live out his final days in the shelter. Donate to his freedom ride before it is too late!

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