Emergency Rescue Appeal for Aleppo Families

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Your support will bring needed aid and food to families in and around Aleppo - please help now.


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Update #3- Heaters Happening!

Update posted 8 years ago

Heaters happening - amidst the first snow of the year. Thousands of Aleppo mothers and children will be kept warm today. Thank you. 

Kerosene costs about $5 a day so the costs will soon be adding up. In the meantime, share your warm heart and donate generously.

Your support will save lives and ensure that children get a new tomorrow. 

We need your help to feed Aleppo's families. Mothers and children are starving. They need safe shelters.

Aleppo families need us. We need them. 

This campaign is now focused on helping Aleppo families as they leave their besieged city. Food and safe shelter are the foremost priorities.

We have a responsibility to bring hope and stability to their lives. 

Until middle of December, NuDay Syria's campaign was centered right inside Aleppo. That has all changed as of today (12/14/16) with everyone leaving the Eastern area and lives hanging on a string. The need for food and emergency shelter for evacuated families is now the priority and NuDay Syria will continue our efforts. Our work will now be focused on welcoming desperate and traumatized children and families to NuDay Syria's area in Northern Idlib. We are going to move families into buildings instead of freezing tents and will be cooling meals around the clock. We need YOU to care so we can help in a dignified manner.

Syrian families are trying their best to remain optimistic amidst difficulties today, and you can help make a real difference.

It is no longer a matter of whether or not it's the right time for you - it's a matter of hope for our Aleppo mothers and children who have lost everything, but their dignity. 

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