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Help bring electricity to the children at Maison Fortune Orphanage!


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As many of you know, I have been involved with Maison Fortune Orphanage (MFO) in Hinche, Haiti for nearly a decade. Since my first trip in 2007 the orphanage has grown immensely in size and capacity thanks to the support of donors like you. This June, I took a trip to the orphanage with several friends- Kelly Kaylor, Matthew Diggs, and LeRoy Howard- and was reminded how much work still needs to be done. Please help support the orphanage in its effort to purchase a new generator for the girls’ campus. Your tax deductible donation will have an immediate and lasting impact on the lives of nearly 250 children.


The girls’ campus in Hinche is in need of significant repair and upgrading. With your help they will be able to acquire a new generator and to paint the buildings. This is important for student health, for keeping out insects, and for improving the quality of life for the young residents.

The purchase of a new generator is critical. Our girls are currently facing difficulties with electricity on campus and often spend up to two days without power. While electricity is important for numerous reasons, the most pressing need for the generator is to power the pump that enables them to get water from their well. When they are without power they have to walk to the river to cook, do laundry, and retrieve water for the garden. This water is not clean and the walk itself presents safety concerns. 

While purchasing a generator is our primary concern, there are numerous other ways your donations can make an immediate impact. You may feel like your contribution is just a drop in the bucket... But Every Drop Counts! 

· $25 provides two pairs of shoes for a child

· $50 feeds a child for a month

 · $100 provides one child with medical care for the entire year

· $200 generates one week's worth of power at the girls' campus

· $500 provides school supplies and learning materials to the primary school for a month

· $3000 sends a child to university including transport, lunch, books and supplies



Orphanage background:

Maison Fortune Orphanage (MFO) was founded in 2000 by Lefort Jean-Louis, a Haitian native and Virginia Tech graduate. When the orphanage first opened, four children lived in a single dwelling house in the center of Hinche, Haiti. Lacking the resources to open a school, Jean-Louis hired a teacher and used the dining room as a classroom.  Within two months the orphanage served 30 children, most of whom had not had access to formal education. 

Fast forward 15 years. Maison Fortune is now home to almost 250 kids, many of whom arrived following the catastrophic earthquake that affected Haiti in 2010. In addition to providing a home, MFO has a school on campus that serves pre-school to 6th grade students, providing education to not only residents, but also children from the Hinche community who otherwise would not have access to schooling. 



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