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Sponsor a student to go on the 2nd annual Upper Peninsula College Tour in 2020!


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As a parent I have had many experiences seeing something for the 1st time through the eyes of my two sons. Imagine driving over the Mackinac Bridge from Michigan’s Lower Peninsula across the Great Lakes to the Upper Peninsula. Imagine eating pasties, fudge, and salt water taffy for the first time.   Now times that by 24! This was the experience that I and my other colleagues from CapCAN had as we chaperoned 24 high school students on a college tour of the UP last week. 

This trip was transforming for these young people on many levels. It was the first time many of them had traveled out of the Lansing area. It was the first time many of them had been gone for more than a night from their homes. It may have been the first time they had been away from their families. 

I sent an email to parents before we left acknowledging their own fears and telling them that their students would be experiencing excitement and possibly some anxiety. 

This trip had all the components of a well-rounded academic, hands-on, and touristy experience. 

1) Students visited to all four of the universities in the UP including Northern Michigan University, Michigan Technological University, Finlandia University, and Lake Superior State University.

2) Students participated in mock lectures experiencing a role playing game in a 1600’s town in Germany that was invaded, a microbiology lab testing lake water for microbes, and a virtual reality lab. 

3) Students took a behind the scenes tour of the Soo Locks and the Mackinac Bridge by professional engineers. 

4) Students heard a talk about careers with the Michigan Dept. of Natural Resources and state parks.

5) Students took a tour of the Colonial Fort at Michilimackinac to learn about Michigan’s rich history of the fur trade, and wars between Britain, France and the Revolutionary War, and observing an archaeological dig.

6) Students spent the night staying up late and sleeping at two different residence halls with a roommate they just met.

7) Students sampled “dorm” food including eating ice cream for breakfast if they wanted.

8) Students hiked up Sugar Loaf Mountain in Marquette, battling mosquitos and black flies to reach the peak overlooking the beautiful Lake Superior.

9) Students participated in icebreakers and a small ropes course to practice risk, trust, and overcoming their fears.

Students learned about majors they had never heard of before. Students had the honor of talking to Deans of Colleges and the lead engineer of the Mackinac Bridge (And a women at that!). Students were able to look, feel, and experience what life is like as a college student far away from home.

I am so proud of these young people! Most had never been on a college tour but they asked the best, most probing questions! One young woman saw the sticker price at her dream college and burst into tears until our staff was able to explain the financial aid and scholarship opportunities. 

We all practiced deep breathing as we conquered our fears of heights, walking across a bridge, climbing a mountain, not knowing anyone. 

I am overwhelmed and honored that I had the opportunity to see college through the eyes of 24 young people for the first time.  

Please help us take  30 students on the 2nd College Tour of the UP in June 2020! 

For $150 you will be providing meals, snacks, a T-shirt, and a portion of the bus for a student.  

Thank you for your support!

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