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We are building a Northwoods Natural History Museum!


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A Gracious Matching Grant Opportunity!

Update posted 7 years ago

Announcing a $10,000 Matching Grant opportunity!

Through the generous support of an anonymous donor, ALL contributions will be 100% matched until the $10,000 grant is fulfilled. 

Because the Healing Nature Center is being manifested through the hard work of dedicated volunteers, even the smallest contributions hold a big place in our hearts. And because of this matching grant, even the smallest contributions are DOUBLED.

We are so very thankful, a virtual hug to all our donors and supporters!

Welcome to 

The Healing Nature Center!

Through connection with nature, we find authentic connection with ourselves and each other. Nature’s inspiration fuels the mission of The Healing Nature Center—a branch of Teaching Drum Outdoor School in Northern Wisconsin.

The Healing Nature Center and Trail were designed to foster nature-based physical and emotional healing through the offering of retreat space, workshops,and Healing Nature Trail guided tours to the general public.

Walking the Healing Nature Trail

 ...can help restore emotional balance, lower heart rate and blood pressure, reduce stress hormone production, boost the immune system, and improve overall feelings of well-being.

Offering a variety of landscapes, such as woodland, stream, bog, and pond views, the Healing Nature Trail is designed to provide a metaphor for the healing journey. It includes a number of special features to maximize the healing experience: 

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The Healing Nature Trail

Designed to foster conscious barefoot walking for guided and self-guided woodland healing immersions, for use by trauma therapists, certified Healing Nature guides, and for walking meditation.

Features on the Healing Nature Trail include a newly-erected Threshold Bridge spanning 65-feet, multiple paths- you choose your way, alcoves for personal reflection, log benches nestled between elder trees overlooking bodies of water along the way, and so much more.

The Wildflower-Bordered Labyrinth

The wildflower-bordered labyrinth will offer visitors a symbolic method of leaving behind the pressures and stresses of daily life to gain more clarity and awareness for what lies ahead, inspiring a deeper connection and trust with oneself. We let Nature help us, while we help to heal her through pollinator gardens. 

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The Cosmorinth

The Cosmorinth, a meditative stargazing platform overlooking the labyrinth, can encourage tranquility and inspire creativity through meditation and wonderment. These are just a few of the features that the Healing Nature Center will offer.

What the Healing Nature Center  is offering:

  • Classes & Workshops
    • Trauma Therapy, Forest Therapeutic Breathwork, ++
    • Personal growth & Zen Retreats
    • Environmental Outreach in the Community- including school groups, clubs, educators, farmers, and the general public, focusing on establishing high nectar-producing wildflower beds and other land restoration practices
  • Guided & Self- Guided Access to the Healing Nature Center Trail and Other Outdoor Facilities
  • Private Retreat Space Available
  • Consultation & Design Services for developing Your Healing Nature Trail!

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Why We Need Your Help!

Through connection with nature, we find authentic connection with ourselves and each other. Nature’s inspiration fuels the mission of The Healing Nature Center—a branch of Teaching Drum Outdoor School—and gives shape to our newest project in the making: The Northwoods Natural History Museum! The museum will offer visitors the opportunity to connect with the wildlife, the history of this land, and the lifeways of our predecessors, the Eastern Woodland Indians. A walk on the adjacent Healing Nature Trail combined with the discoveries of the Northwoods Natural History Museum will enrich your experience of this exceptional region.

Visitors to the museum will be invited to step into a living, breathing Northwoods before the logging era. The museum will showcase the stories and artifacts of our hunter-gatherer ancestors, made present through the encouragement of the Native Elders who guided us to keep the voice of these teachings alive. The Northwoods Natural History Museum will be a destination for students, families, natural history enthusiasts, biologists, Northwoods locals, and all who yearn to grow in relationship with nature.

 This Giving Tuesday, we are putting out a call for help to finish this addition to the Healing Nature Center-Trail complex. Contributions of any size, shape, and form will be directly and efficiently put to work on this labor of love. There are many ways to participate, apart from financially. Your donation will go a long way toward the completion of the Northwoods Natural History Museum.

For a detailed expense breakdown, donor appreciation tokens and more information about contributing to this project besides on a financial level, please visit:

The Healing Nature Center - Support Our Work

Thank you!

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