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We are asking you to donate the cost of your lunch for 1 day to support research funding for gastroparesis (paralysis of the stomach).


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We are hoping to bring attention to the millions of people who are suffering and dying every day from digestive/motility disorders. Just a few weeks ago, my community had to endure the passing of yet another member. She was 25 years old -- but there have been many who have died younger than that because of these unrelentingly destructive diseases.

Having recently been diagnosed with gastroparesis, one of the many different types of motility disorders, I know first-hand the damage and destruction this disorder can cause. It is truly life-altering. On bad days, I am confined to bed, in severe pain, unable to eat or perform daily life functions. Even on good days, I can eat very little, frequently feel weak, and experience excruciating pain. Available treatment options include often ineffective surgeries, such as electrical gastric stimulation (pacemakers); medications with unacceptable side effects, such as Reglan and Domperidone (which has not been FDA approved); dietary changes (liquids or soft foods), which rarely provide any relief; and feeding tubes or total parenteral nutrition (TPN). As of now, there is no safe, reliable, and effective treatment or cure available to those of us who suffer from functional/motility disorders.

Just recently, I sat up much of the night with a friend who was suffering greatly and who was turned away by a medical community which either lacks the knowledge or the will to help us. It is difficult to describe to outsiders the hell we endure on a daily basis.

We are trying so hard to raise funds and bring attention to our cause. It would mean so much if you would donate. Thank you very much!


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