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Help send Hannah Wetzel to complete 2024 World Deaf Athletics Championships at Taipei Taiwan.


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You can help to send a track and field athlete, Hannah, to compete in Taipei, Taiwan, by making a financial contribution today.

USA Deaf Track and Field INC is very excited to announce that we will participate in the prestigious 2024 World Deaf Athletics Championships, which now includes the exciting addition of the Deaf Youth Athletics Championships in Taipei, Taiwan.  The championships will be held from 12 to 26 July.

We are anticipating an elite team of 30 - 40 Athletes from all over the USA who will come together to compete against top athletes from across the globe.

Brief History:

We strive to return, as our last participation dates back to 2012. Since then, twenty-eight members of the USA team have taken part in the second edition of the World Deaf Athletics Championships held in the city of Toronto, Canada. The event featured 241 athletes from 27 countries worldwide, competing in various events, with 154 in the Men's category and 87 in the Women's category. During the WDAC 2012 competition, the USA Deaf Track and Field team secured ten medals, comprising 4 Gold, 4 Silver, and 2 Bronze, at the 2nd World Deaf Athletics Championships in the beautiful city of Toronto, Canada. 


2012 WDAC Results / Photos / Summary              

USA Deaf Track and Field, INC is always seeking financial support for the team. Unlike our counterparts (USA National—Hearing Teams Track & Field Organization), we do not get the financial support from our government or big sponsors that the United States Olympic & Paralympic Committee enjoys. We depend on private sectors like you for funding. 

Hannah will compete in the Triple Jump and High Jump events.  Come on and support Hannah!

Each athlete will need to raise funds to cover expenses such as apparel, hotel and meals, fees, insurance, per diem, supplies, airfare from their hometown, etc.  They need help with fundraising. What YOU can do is to DONATE! Dig deep into your pocket and support your athlete, Hannah, who will compete in jump events.  

Your generous donation will allow Hannah an opportunity to focus and put her required energy and time into preparing the training to perform at their best and top-rated on an international platform.   Again, donating makes the journey for Hannah and her USA Deaf team a reality. They CANNOT do it WITHOUT YOUR HELP! Donate and support the USA Team.

GOOD NEWS! Because the USA Deaf Track and Field is a 501-c-3 organization, your contribution is tax-write-off.

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